Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive:

It depends on the drug. Most drugs are present 3 - 4 days. Some drugs such as marijuana may be present 4 - 8 weeks (Depending on usage)
Alcohol can be detected in urine for a few hours after consuming. The more alcohol consumed, the longer it can be detected.
ETG tests for the metabolite of alcohol and can be detected 72 - 96 hours after consuming alcohol.
National Toxicology Labs tests segments of head hair which is equivalent to 3 - 4 months of growth. If hair is less than 1.5 inches long, then the time frame would be less. Body hair may detect drugs taken several months ago.
Yes, National Tox. can design a drug test panel to meet your company's needs.
Yes, you can do a test on yourself. It is completely confidential and you do not need to show ID.
Cash only, unless you have a company account.